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This page will have links to sites where u can buy pens for penspinning, and other penspinning related stuff

Ive also made a BICtory tutorial (bottom of page), really easy to make, but u might not be able to find all the pens to make it cos i live in England and i get them from my local pound shops, but just find simular parts to make it :D

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Guide To Penmodding

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Guide created by 'Tohlz'


Make An Easy Pen Mod – BICtory

Created by Grebz 2009
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Ok, so u will need 1 BIC barrel, 2 BIRO lids, 2 black grips, 2 white grips and 2 tips, this mod is non-writable, but u could add the writing parts if u want it to write..


How to put it together -


  1. Is the finished pen, BICtory!! Looks good and spins amazing!!
  2. Is everything u need, 9 items, go to your local pound shop for cheap pens
  3. First thing to do is take the 1st lid (u need to cut the bits of u dont need, like the part that connects the pen to a shirt and smooth it down so it doesnt scratch against the skin) and 1st black grip, Slide the black grip onto the lid till it reaches the bottom
  4. Next get the 1st white grip and slide it onto the lid till it reaches the black grip
  5. Then get the tip, any will do, if u need a heavy mod, then add Signo tips cos there the heaviest ones u can get, or if u cant find any Signo tips just add some blu-tak into the lid or tip for more weight
  6. Do exactly the same to the other lid now, so u now have 2 made up, see very easy to make!!
  7. Then all u need to do now is put the lids onto the barrel and your ready to spin
  8. Is just to show u that u can make your mods with any coloured grips, ENJOY


And there u go, a really simple pen mod to make, I use these mods all the time, I have about 30 of these mods cos there so easy to make, hope this helps abit..


Created by Grebz 2009

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