GrebzStuff-Chat Room

This is where u can CHAT with people and make some new friends/enermys, listen to the RADIO, chat in the GLOBAL CHATROOMS(below radio) or go to the bottom of the page and talk to FRIENDBOT

This is the websites main chatroom GREBZ CHATTERBOX, chat about anything with other people on THIS  site, below the RADIO is the GLOBAL CHATROOMS

This is the RADIO, hit the genres button, pick a station, tune in and listen, some might not work but most do, and u can only listen to it on this page

This is the GLOBAL CHATROOM, theres always some people in here to talk too

This is FRIENDBOT, this is a crazy chatroom(ish) thing, ask it anything and it will reply with an answer, if u want to know the controls, type MENU into yhe long box next to the SAY button(not the big box which says READY FOR CHAT), be nice or be rude and it'll respond in many ways

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